Daily news

Daily news is everywhere. At all times all around the world daily news is happening and sometimes it can feel impossible to keep up with the speed at which this daily news comes at us. Even with the invention of the internet and the world wide web from which we can monitor and watch daily news from almost every screen we come in contact with over the course of a day it sometimes becomes impossible to pick up on absolutely everything and we become stressed out and sometimes even just end up shutting our minds off from any daily news at all. Upon doing this we no longer have any kind of reference to world events or happenings around the country. We don’t know what happened the night before, an hour ago, or just now. Daily news can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Below are some great tips for keeping up with daily news and lot letting it become overwhelming to you in your life as you go through the day.

  • Use RSS and Feed Readers! – RSS and feed readers help sort and organize daily news into short, concise packages for you to read at your own leisure. Feeds are the little orange icons you see on most daily news websites and when clicked give you a long URL that can be plugged into an RSS reader, a tool that you can find free all around the web. Once you plug in the URL to the RSS reader it will monitor that daily news site for new stories and updates and will update your RSS reader every time that daily news site updates. You can do this for multiple daily news sites allowing you to check just one location, your RSS reader, instead of going to five or ten different sites a few times a day. This will help keep your web browsing time down to one site for all daily news and keep you from feeling overwhelmed because you have to go to 15 sites on a daily basis!
  • Only Check News at Certain Times – The second tip for daily news browsing is to keep your daily news reading to a few certain times per day. That way news can happen and you can check on it once, and then let it go until later that day when you check the daily news again. This lets you get your work done and still stay current on what is going on across the world. Take five or ten minutes in the morning, then another five or ten at night to catch up on news, Pairing this strategy with the RSS reader mentioned above will allow you to keep up on all the daily news happenings around the world on your time. You’ll feel less stressed and when co-workers come asking about the news from the day before you’ll be fully prepared to discuss it in depth. 

Utilizing the two strategies above for keeping up on daily news will make it so you are not as stressed about knowing what is going on in the world at all times. You’ll still get the news but on a schedule that fits your life. You should rule the news, not the other way around!