Tips For Online Fundraising

The Internet is the perfect way to connect charities, fundraisers and donors under a common cause. Find out how to use the Internet to start fundraising online. One of the most popular tools is Via this platform you can easily start your own online fundraising.

Social Fundraising

Friends and family are the best sources for fundraising support, and social networking websites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter make it easy to reach out to your entire social circle. Use social networking websites to tell people about your fundraising efforts. You can create a separate account so friends can follow your fundraising experience, or post messages to your personal account. Be careful not to spam your friends, but they shouldn’t mind you telling them what you’re up to.

Use Free Fundraising Websites and Resources

Websites like JustGiving make it easy to fundraise online. You can set up a fundraising page in minutes and track your fundraising goal. You can also collect credit card donations via fundraising websites, which is really convenient for your donors.

Make Your Online Fundraising Memorable

Don’t just ask your friends for money – turn your fundraising into an experience everyone will want to follow. Free blog services like WordPress make it possible to start a website even if you don’t know how to write code. Then, blog, tweet and post about your fundraising experience leading up to your fundraising goal. This will give your readers more of a connection to what you’re doing. You can also use your website to link to more information about your charity.

Online Fundraising the Easy Way

The Internet is an instant way to reach an audience of friends, family and even strangers. Sometimes it isn’t the perfect substitute for a face-to-face fundraising appeal (you may still need to phone your grandmother and tell her what you’re doing) but you can still accomplish a lot of fundraising online with the help of free websites like JustGiving, WordPress and Twitter. Use the Internet to your advantage and spread the word about your next fundraising cause! Want to make friends who are into charity fundraising? Become a member on and find a number of friends raising funds for their charity.

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