Important facts about wind power

When trying to decide which form of renewable energy to use in the world’s ever changing energy landscape, it is important to be supplied with the right information. It is easy to find facts about solar energy on the internet, but looking for wind power facts is a bit of a struggle. This article gives you the best information available about wind power so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not wind power is suitable for you. People have different motivations for using wind energy, these motivations include concern for the environment, saving money, and fascination with the technology that cuts done the need to use power from a utility company. No matter what your motivation, you need to make sure that wind power is a viable option on your property and that you meet the minimum requirements.

Make use of wind to produce local energy

Do you have enough wind? This sounds like a bit of a silly question, but if you do not have enough of a wind resource, you will find it difficult to power your wind energy system. Experts say that you need an average wind speed of 8-14 miles per hour. If you are not sure how much wind power your site has, it is a good idea to analyze your wind speed. If you are new to wind power then we would recommend that you contact a wind site assessor who has tools to measure wind power and will be able to give you an estimate of how much wind you have access to annually for your system.

Wind power facts

Once you have found out whether you have enough wind you need to make sure that you have the land available, because towers and other wind power systems tend to take up a lot of space. You should only really install a wind turbine if you have at least an acre of land available. Noise is a big factor when it comes to wind farming because you need to be considerate of your neighbors – especially if you have elderly or children living next door. The great thing is, not all wind turbines are noisy. It is therefore important to do your research on the different models and choose a wind turbine which has the lowest rotational speed, because these are the systems which will be the quietest.

Installing a turbine at home

One of the most important wind power facts that you must take under your belt when thinking about installing a wind power system, is safety. Wind power systems are more dangerous than any other type of renewable energy system and because of this you need to be extra careful when you install wind power. There are a few legalities that you must take into consideration when installing a wind power system on your property. These include zoning requirements, building permits and electrical permits. Once you have crossed this bridge you are on your way. There are a number of tax credits and incentives available for people who choose to install renewable energy systems and this includes wind power systems.

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