Top 10 Time Saving Tips

We live in a busy time. Friends, sports, work, going out, social media. It feels like there is not enough time. In this blog you will find 10 useful tips for saving time!

  1. 15 minutes of housework a day

Housework can be a real chore and can suck up much of your spare time. Nothing’s worse than having to spend half of your weekend dusting, polishing and cleaning. So try and do 15 minutes of cleaning a day and spread it through the week.

  1. Use direct debit or standing orders to pay your bill automatically

Logging in to online banking and then setting up automatic payments for your regular bills works out a better use of time than having to pay bills on an individual and monthly basis or by sending cheques.

  1. Online grocery shopping

Bundling the children into the car and slogging around the supermarket can be time-consuming. So try to do it in the dead of night, online when the Internet is super-speedy. You’ll save money too by not being attracted to all those check-out bargains!

  1. Workouts can be little and often

Several high-intensity workouts lasting as little as 2 minutes a week can improve health better than light or moderate exercise such as a 90-minute run, which is obviously more time-consuming.

  1. Filter email and set up rules

Streamline your email experience by managing your email inbox and diverting unnecessary mail using filters, smart mailboxes and folders. Set up rules to stop spam, automatically file incoming items to particular folders, and flag important correspondence.

  1. Limit social media

Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Snapchat and Instagram are the ultimate time-suckers. So stop checking social media every ten minutes. Limit your viewing time to no more than 5 minutes, a couple of time a day.

  1. Avoid rush hour if possible

Travelling at 8am in the morning and at 5pm in the evening will coincide with every other commuter in the country and will extend your journey time considerably. So try and travel off-peak and avoid the hustle and bustle of rush hour.

  1. Double the recipes and freeze half

Get clever with your cooking time and start to freeze meals so that if you’re pushed for time you can do a quick “defrost and cook” maneuver. Next time you make a chili or a bolognaise, double the recipe and then freeze half so it’s all there waiting for your next busy day.

  1. Choose easy care fabrics

Who has time for ironing? And who even enjoys it? If you choose a polyester and cotton easy care mix your clothes and sheets will be less likely to need ironing after washing. Avoid hand wash and 100% linen at all costs – you’ll spend hours taking care of these items.

  1. Delegate

Maybe you think that of you need something done properly, you should just do it yourself. But you won’t be able to do it all. So to save time, you need to learn to delegate, even if it’s just chores to your kids or jobs to co-workers.

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