Budget travel: tips for a budget holiday

Do you now hotelroomcheck.com? This site is dedicated to finding the absolute best in budget travel, travel updates, and cheap holidays. They are connected to all the travel agencies around the world and have our fingers on the pulse on the best deals on vacations, including special cruise deals, package deals, airfare deals, hotel deals, and all travel deals. There are three trends being noticed in the travel industry and we are on top of all of them.

Book a cheap holiday

Travel rebound which was unexpected in 2021 which is why most online travel agencies have spent much of the winter and fall preparing for it. In December Expedia launched a new series of ad campaigns, as did Travelocity. Also running now are ads from Hotels.com, Hotwire, and Priceline. Together, they are all trying to attract the leisure traveler by flooding the airwaves. At Budget News we figured that we would be trying to get more of their attention this year, however, so far in 2021 it feels as if like the pie has not significantly grown. However, in 2022, we do feel strongly that Hotwire will continue to have success over the competition during 2022, regardless of the environment. Hotel occupancies are expected to remain at record lows this year, which means that Hotwire can offer cheap prices on those high priced hotels that travelers will simply not be able to find anywhere else. At Budget Travel, we continue to add and test features that our customers ask for such as customer reviews, new maps, and the ability to upgrade to a specific bed type.

Customers book last minute flights

It appears as though consumers are waiting until the very last minute to book (maybe because of Covid-19). Hotel bookings were down 6% as opposed to the beginning of last year, but then finished the year up 19%. At the moment Budget Travel is seeing a reduction of hotel bookings by 7% as opposed to this time last year. These bookings, however, are expected to pick up strongly as we get closer. It appears that travelers have learned that hotels are unlikely to fill up as the date of travel approaches. Therefore they wait to the very last moment to book knowing that they have little to lose, and perhaps even something to gain in terms of a last minute price reduction.

Tips for booking a cheap vacation

Budget travel is always a challenge. However, there are always ways to cut down on travel costs. Here are a few tips that will help your efforts toward cheap travel.  Cruise lines charge those shore excursions to your running shipboard account. While this is very convenient, these trips are often overpriced. You should consider whether paying a huge premium each day of your cruise is worth the convenience. Usually it doesn’t. The cruise lines try to will encourage you to sign up for their shore excursions, by saying that even if you should arrive late for their trips, the ship will wait for you, and the excursions are quickly selling out. These ploys are nothing more than scare tactics. One way to reduce your baggage load, which is a natural of what is happening on today’s airline industry, is through the use of travel accessories. It seems that Baggage fees are continually trending ever upward, and they are becoming more and more expensive every month. The airlines have found the equivalent of a gold mine of revenue, and travelers usually feel helpless trying to avoid these charges. However, every budget traveler’s goal should be a single light bag on every trip.

Many a refined traveler have nothing but contempt for theme park vacations. They are quick to point out that there are much better things to experience overpriced fast food, crowed rides and long lines. However, the truth of the matter is that many travelers find themselves traveling to a theme park for a variety of reasons. To avoid the long lines for tickets check online to see if the park offers advance printed tickets and discounts as well. Many theme parks offer discounted tickets for their theme parks that you can print at home and bring to the location of your choice. Although you may not realize it social media resources such as Twitter and Facebook can be used to help defray travel costs. Many airlines are now using Twitter to link to their best fare sales. Hotels and resorts are following suit as well. Consider starting your own social media account. Use Facebook or Twitter to monitor the Web sites and writers that specialize in budget travel. Keep track of those companies that post their best deals and you will gain the advantage on those low prices that seem so elusive. Many businesses are fighting to survive in these difficult economic times. This is quite clear in the airline industry.

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